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Unveiling the Essence of Concept Zone

Concepts Group has dominated the Middle East as the ultimate one-stop destination for exhibition stand design and outfitting. But that’s just the beginning. We also specialize in Interiors and Construction, providing a complete solution for your needs.

Our secret? Crafting awe-inspiring stands that leave a lasting impact. With our cost-effective range, simplicity meets flexibility without compromising on the quality of concept, execution, or materials.

Behind our success stands a team of 100+ qualified experts, masters of conceptualization and visualization, in-house production, and top-notch client servicing. From printing services to logistics, we have your back at every step.

But we don’t stop there. Our obsession with your success means timely transportation, flawless setup and dismantling, and secure warehousing for long-term use and rebuilding.


“Our vision is to create dreams and convert them to reality to provide maximum return on investment for our clients.”



“Our mission is to provide a pleasant exhibiting experience to our clients with fast and professional service, that leaves behind a long lasting impression through its creativity.”

Unleashing the Pioneers: Redefining Possibilities

At our core, we embrace the perfect blend of experience and innovation, setting us apart from the rest. With a seasoned executive board boasting a collective 90+ years of industry expertise, we bring unmatched maturity to the table. But here’s the exciting twist: our youngest director is a dynamic 25-year-old!

Diversity is the heartbeat of our team, intertwining a rich tapestry of nationalities and cultures. We’ve carefully allocated areas of responsibility and implemented rigorous control measures. From the very inception of our CAD drawings to the final production order, we ensure unparalleled quality control every step of the way.

Meet our esteemed CEO, Sunder Hirani, whose visionary leadership stems from a distinguished background in finance and real estate. Earning widespread admiration, Sunder’s commitment to recruitment and unwavering loyalty to our employees have garnered immense respect.

Join forces with our trailblazing team today and unlock boundless possibilities. Experience the future of excellence firsthand!”

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