20th Year of Operation

This is our 20th year of operation here in the UAE. We are proud to have supported our customers in a country which has enjoyed unprecedented acceleration in our market.

Our Services

Exhibition Stands Design & Fabrication

Having successfully served the exhibiting community in the United Arab Emirates for over 20 years it is no surprise that so many clients come back. It is the reliability factor that is most important for both UAE customers and those exhibitors coming here from overseas

Civil Contracting

Contracting is not a new term to Concept Zone. Overall planning, coordination, and control of a project from beginning to completion has always been our forte. Our aim is to meet a client’s requirement in order to produce a functionally and financially viable project.

Waste Management

Concept Zone Waste Management LLC, an integrated facilities management solutions provider in the UAE, has stepped up efforts to expand its waste management and recycling capabilities


Concepts Group of Companies has been established in the year 1999, in the Middle East for almost two decades with its primary focus of being a Creative Farm. Exhibition stand design and outfit, one-stop-shop; Interiors and Civil Construction are major operators under the Concepts group of companies. Our core competencies lie in building high impact quality fabrication built to your specifications. The range of cost effective exhibition stands and Interior projects offer simplicity, flexibility and re-usable solutions without having to compromise on quality of concept, execution and materials being used, similar to outlook on long term commercial contracting projects. Building Materials trading and Waste Management is also In-house.

Past, Present & Future

What better demonstrates this than the fact that Dubai, part of the UAE which is only in the 42nd year, wins EXPO 2020 which has a history that extends over 263 years dating back to the London World Fair in 1851!

So who would not deny that this is the best place on the planet to be continuing to develop the Exhibition, Events and related businesses?

We are a privately owned family company that has strong financial security

We own our land in Jebel Ali and we are continuing to develop this as a commercial property to provide improved support for our clients.

Also to see our workforce, management and staff succeeding to progress through the career paths we provide.

"Our vision is to grow the business and to enjoy seeing clients coming back and new clients testing our resource."

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